Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Nihilist

Human personalities are built on beliefs & experiences. When a baby is growing up, he hardly has any experiences. So he relies on the beliefs instilled into him by the people around. But as he gradually experiences life over the years, some of these beliefs get modified, distorted or even utterly removed. He questions them,  criticizes them, bends them to their limits, until he can see the juice inside.

There is a saying, that a beggar cannot be a hermit par se, as he had nothing to leave behind. It requires the strength of leaving behind kingdoms of power, wealth and fame to attain the state of The Buddha. Similarly, it takes a huge strength of mind to leave behind all of these acquired thoughts to be like  a baby, born without any conscience, any belief, any morality. Like a mother, he must bear the tearing agony of giving Birth - of Himself and cut the umbilical chord of his previous self created out of others' thoughts. He must start with Nothingness, then be Full and to learn to let go all of it to embrace Nothingness again : to become The Man of Experience, The Nihilist.

When in fear, when in despair, when in joy, a man requires to cling onto something, a security that assures them a hope of redemption. A person, a god or even a belief. The Nihilists remain utterly alone, in the soul-sucking Black Hole of misery. Drowning in the spiral of his thoughts, the only thing that he can hope for is channelizing it. Creativity is the only thing, that can put a carpet on all the blood of his soul. The excruciating pain comes out of his creations, where the joy of giving birth immerses all his senses and gives a shape to his abstract thoughts. A sculpture where he puts all the truths- uninhibited, uncensored. It is the shape of his soul at that point of space-time.

The Nihilist is utterly confused. His mind fleets over thoughts, conceptions and theories. As no two experience is exactly the same, his theories evolve in every moment of his existence. But he is a human, he has his emotions, and at the same time he denies them, he denies all of them. The confused soul lives a life of two people, burning himself and everybody around. He burns in the fire of his experiences & thoughts. In his world of void, there is to water to pour over his burns, no words that can soothe him, because what he needs is - to experience it through his senses.

But, it is this Hellish Fire that defines him. It is this fire that burns him only to keep control. The mind would implode, as there is nothing within to support the gravity of his Being. Floating on the fine line between void & completeness, the Nihilist draws nectar from both these worlds and keeps the fire raging.

This is the story of a Nihilist.

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akaash said...

this fire, arising out of the tension between two opposite forces, does tend to burn one out! however, it's better to take that pain, in return of the hope that one day when the fire extinguishes you will be reborn into a new world, your own world - the world which only you have created around yourself, the only world which makes some sense. creations arising out of the fire are glowing bright but tensed. it is when you have completely burnt yourself out that the creation becomes more calm and deep. it is then when you know what to do with your remaining time; it is then when you have the realization of how the world works and what is 'right'.

nice work! good to see you writing after such a long time. i guess this was the "Meghe Dhaka Tara" effect. :-P