Monday, March 25, 2013


Trudging along the grey lane
The system stares me down; rough disdain...
I avoid the gaze, go into the center
“Yes Ma’am, I am aware of being on probation
Today I’ll surely try to work hard and fair.”

------------I fail another day
Yet again get the "Mediocre" label
And get out.

This will be another long walk home.

My musings befriend me yet again...
Self-dignity slain
                         Ripped asunder
 What does my role sustain?
 Bounding-off from one blunder to another?

Our well-oiled community surges to perfection...
And yet, units like me stall the scend...
They say,
       Ages ago Bumblers were allowed to thrive too!
Archaic, inefficient!
To think of it-- everyone having the right to Life!
                    Debris breeding all around,
And nothing to weed them out?
No wonder that world collapsed.

Perfection whirls all around me; Supreme society
Each speck has a measurable contribution--
                                        self-worth, self-dignity
The complete community!

But ...what contribution have I?
Using the benefits, yet returning none
Other than denting the society's pride...
A cripple; by Charity am I run...

What right do I have to continue?
To feed off the commune and yet make it lag
A lowly parasite, I prey on my brethren's toil
And all their support goes to naught,
As I fail to deliver yet again...
A miscarried living-unit!
Self-disgust. First Phase.

What to do now, How to atone?
The only tale I have spun
Is of a failing act!
Never won from a gamble,
         Never converted a chance gifted...
Don’t I care? Of course, I do
Why would my diseased presence
   Sully the community’s attainment?
Non-contributing units are liabilities.
Disposable. Self-analysis. Second Phase.

My final chapter should be nobler, I rule
A prouder tint amidst the shamed grayness...
Self-reformation. To be still useful. Desperately.
                     Third Phase.

As I slowly shift into senescence...
I set the expiration machinery in action
Deft removal of a defunct unit.
        Thoughtful deed relaxing the community burden!
Self-effacement. Neatly programmed, skilfully done.
Thus comes the phase of the close.

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Vivek Panda said...

A great work ... Wonderfully expressed... :)